Tognana understands the importance of putting forward and implementing a competitive corporate model based on first-class quality and so, is committed to conceiving a quality, designer-standard product every day, based on the concept of quality seen not just as the end product but also in terms of the process behind it.

Our history has strengthened our conviction that everything is possible and that new milestones can be achieved thanks to the approach we take:

– by considering our employees to be a strategic resource, ensuring respect for their rights and promoting their professional and personal development; by considering our suppliers to be partners who add value in terms of quality and experience towards social accountability.

– by thinking of our customers and consumers as key figures in the company’s success and growth, for whom we have worked hard up until now to fulfil their requirements for quality whilst taking on growing commitments towards social accountability, safety and eco-sustainability.

To back this up, Tognana has voluntarily implemented an Integrated Quality-Safety-Environment and Ethics Management System based on the protection of health and safety in the workplace, the constant improvement of measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact and the maintenance of a high product quality level to increase customer satisfaction.

In order to achieve its corporate objectives, Tognana has implemented a policy aimed at delivering products that continually and unfailingly meet well-defined market requirements and satisfy customers' expectations, while including the success among its goals in achieving a lower environmental impact for all the product life cycle stages.


ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION (Management in Quality: excellence with method)

The ISO 9001 certification of a Quality Management System is the declaration of a certifying body, approved by Accredia (the Italian accreditation body of testing laboratories, plus certification and inspection bodies), that the system complies with the reference UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and that the quality management procedures are continuously applied by the company.

The certified systems, such as the one in Tognana Porcellane S.p.A., undergo periodic checks to assess whether the conformity certification of the company’s activities are maintained to the specific requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. The certification thus represents a guarantee of the ongoing commitment for the partners of Tognana Porcellane SpA, undertaken by the company to achieve quality objectives and its quest for mutual satisfaction in its relations with customers and suppliers.

SA 8000 CERTIFICATION (Social accountability for work ethic)

The SA 8000 (Social Accountability 8000) standard is the first international standard which guarantees that the company is socially accountable and that it undertakes to respect the rules of work ethic, rejecting conditions of inhumane treatment, exploitation, unequal pay and an unhealthy workplace.

For communications and/or reports about compliance with ethical requirements, please write to the Head of the Ethics Department at Tognana Porcellane S.p.A. Via Capitello, 22 31030 Casier (TV), Italy – Fax +39 0422 670144 email: sa8000@tognanaporcellane.it or to the SGS Certification Body sa8000@sgs.com or to SAAS – saas@accreditation.org. All communications will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

ISO 45001 (Occupational health and safety) CERTIFICATION

Tognana Porcellane SpA has always been attentive to the need to anticipate and prevent circumstances that can cause accidents at work and occupational diseases, by minimising the risk for personnel.
For this reason, Tognana Porcellane SpA has decided to adopt an Occupational health and safety system, opting for the most widespread and commonly shared standard worldwide, i.e. UNI ISO 45001:2018.
Promoting good practices in occupational safety and health management, in compliance with the above-mentioned standard, is an important goal in the growth and development of the entire company.

ISO 14001 CERTIFICATION (Environmental management: care and protection)

Tognana Porcellane SpA is proud to announce the new UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification obtained with the utmost commitment and the involvement of all our partners which the company was highly motivated to obtain in the name of a business approach aimed at the ongoing improvement in its production process for the safety of its workers and the environment. This standard provides the necessary tools to monitor the environmental impact with the main objective of improving the environmental performance of its processes by monitoring specific stages that include the choice of materials, production, the product life cycle after sale up to disposal and recycling. Thanks to the awareness of all the staff towards environmental issues, the company’s goal will be to continue to ensure an approach geared towards continuous improvement and continuous ecological innovation in the environment in which it operates.

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