Tognana: a company that delivers certified quality products.

Tognana’s porcelain undergoes accurate and strict laboratory tests, sometimes performed in collaboration with the Ceramic Centre of Bologna and the “Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro” (Experimental Glass Centre) of Venice.

The superior quality standards of our products are guaranteed by dishwasher resistance tests performed on industrial dishwashers, as well as by abrasion and mechanical resistance tests. Our paints – which we also use to decorate our tableware – are tested by the American Food & Drug Administration and perfectly satisfy the strict U.S. Proposition 65 requirements regarding the presence of heavy metals.Tognana’s porcelain ware also boasts high heat-absorption and slow heat release features, making it ideal to keep food and drinks warm for a long time.
All the products designed for the Ho.re.ca. sector have painted rims and smooth bases to prevent them from scratching tabletops, placeholder plates or other tableware when stacked. For practicality, all the tea and cappuccino cups, soup bowls and mugs can be used with the same saucers.

Laboratory-tested quality: resistant feldspathic porcelain.
The resistance of our porcelain ware is guaranteed by using selected materials, by our strict quality control system and by our experience.
Dishwasher-safe decorations.
All the decorations of our products designed for the Ho.re.ca. sector are dishwasher-safe: high firing temperatures make the embellishments penetrate into the body so that they are protected, forever.
Heat preservation, perfect functionality, scratch resistance.
The high firing temperatures of our porcelain ware guarantee remarkable abrasion and scratch resistance to normal kitchen utensils and cutlery. This is important to preserve the beauty of our products and, more importantly, to ensure hygiene.
Fracture resistance and resistance to sudden changes in temperature.
Tognana’s porcelain ware is made from self-fluxing materials that do not tend to expand and is moulded using isostatic presses that ensure perfect, uniform density resulting in none of the residual stress that can cause cracks during use.
Sa8000 certification

The SA8000 standard (Social Accountability 8000) is the first international standard to guarantee the company’s social responsibility and its commitment to respecting ethical working practices, disowning working conditions characterised by inhumanity, mistreatment, unjust salaries and unhealthy places to work.

The SA800 standard is based on international values regarding human rights and workers’ rights according to theUniversal Declaration of Human Rights, to the ILO Convention (International Labour Organization) and to the Charter of Children’s Rights.

For this reason we have decided to integrate our quality policy with the SA8000 certification.

Our experience has convinced us that everything is possible and new goals can be reached by applying our work ethics and principles:

-To appreciate workers as a strategic resource, to guarantee the respect of their rights and promote their professional and personal development; to consider suppliers as valuable partners, in terms of quality and enhancement of social responsibility.

– To regard customers and consumers as essential for the company’s success and growth; to date we have worked to satisfy their quality demands and we will now also put every effort into meeting their social responsibility requirements.

For communications and/or to report any non-compliance with ethical principles please contact the Head of Ethical Management at Tognana Porcellane S.p.A Via Capitello, 22 31030 Casier (Treviso) – Italy – Fax 0422 670144 e-mail: sa8000@tognanaporcellane.it or ’’Ente di Certificazione SGS” at sa8000@sgs.com or SAAS – saas@accreditation.org. Your communications will be protected by the privacy code.

ISO 9001 Certification

The ISO 9001 certification of a Quality Management System is a declaration made by a certifying authority commissioned by ACCREDIA (the Italian authority for commissioning Test Laboratories, Certification and Inspection bodies), that the system complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and that quality management procedures are constantly applied by the company.

UNI ISO 45001:2018

To minimise risks for its personnel, Tognana Porcellane Spa has always been well-aware of the need to anticipate and prevent circumstances that may cause accidents on the workplace and occupational diseases.
This is why Tognana Porcellane Spa has decided to adopt an Occupational Safety and Health system and has chosen the most globally widespread and supported standard, i.e. UNI ISO 45001:2018.
For the whole company, promoting good occupational health and safety management practices, in compliance with the aforementioned standard, is an important achievement in terms of growth and development.  

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